about me

Applied Solutions for Management is an owner-managed consulting firm: Your interim solution for turnaround, agile project management,  implementation and coaching with a focus on finance and contolling, mostly in the logistics industry.

Michael Kruppa, Porträt  Michael Kruppa has in his many years of experience in medium-sized companies and large corporations presented many great change concepts from well-known consulting firms and seen them decided by the management: Mostly it was difficulties on the last mile or the operational implementation at all that prevented success. Mr. Kruppa knows the reasons and challenges from his many years of practice! In his role as enabler and implementer, he applies previously unused concepts and realizes them. At the same time, with his approach from the outside, he listens carefully to the division managers and employees as a link at eye level: he observes and quickly identifies the options together with them. With his solution-oriented and collegial management style, he tackles operationally so that operational change processes get going, which are successfully implemented AND accepted internally.