• Did you also pay insane amounts of money for consultancy concepts that end up in the drawers?

  • Do you have projects that never get realized?
  • Do more and more processes “just don’t work”?

My name is Michael Kruppa. I am your hands-on Implementer and Interim Manager for these projects.

Find my offers and use cases as well as successful projects on the pages Turnaround & Change Management,  Agile Project Management, Implementation & Digitalization Projects in the menu.

What can we solve together?

I have many years of experience with medium-sized companies and large corporations. And I have found that many great change concepts have been presented by well-known consulting companies. They are great and approved by management. But that’s where the story ends. They are never actually implemented. Why is that?

I see different reasons. And they all hurt the companies. Difficulties in the last mile for example. Or the operational implementation is stuck due to time limits. Processes become more and more stalled and after one year, companies forget all about it.

For whatever reason your processes are stuck: This is where I come in.

My speciality are turnaround and digitalization projects. I am a master at finding stagnant points in your processes. I work on-site with your stakeholders. I find the obstructions, the hidden reasons for loss of efficiencies. And I implement newly drafted or already paid for but never realized consultancy projects for your company – together with your key personnel.

What is my USP?

My USP is my unbiased hands-on approach. I am no specialist. But I help the specialists to finally implement the changes needed –  with more than 40 years of experience in this field in many different industries. My focus is on finance and controlling. I feel most comfortable in logistics but have extensive experience in various industries.

Why are my Projects successful?

First of all, I don’t just tell people what to do. I listen to all involved and find out specifically what “actually should be done” so that projects can be implemented. I manage precise coordination with clients, department heads and employees on eye level. Together we quickly identify options and coordinate project steps in an agile manner. In this way I achieve acceptance for the necessary implementation steps and commitment within the company. And finally, I make sure that they are also implemented. I find solutions to the problems and change concepts are finally gaining momentum under my operative management.

In short: I am your interim solution for turnaround and digitalization projects.

My motto follows Steve de Shazer: “Change is a constant process. Stability is an illusion.”


Applied Solutions for Management is an owner-managed consulting company: Your interim solution for turnaround management, project management, implementation & digitalization and coaching with a focus on finance and controlling in various industries, especially in the logistics sector.